Small scale grass based farming in Lunenburg County .

Wholesome and natural food from our farmstead to your table.

Mirella Rose Farm is a small integrated farm nestled in a little valley on the South Shore of Nova Scotia.

We founded our farm 11 years ago with the aim of producing wholesome food in the most responsible manner possible.

Using methods from biodynamic and organic farming (we are NOT certified in either), as well as holistic grazing, the farm produces meat, eggs, vegetables and fruit.  For more details about the farm see our Farm Practices page.


“Just got blood tests back- my iron is creeping up-first time in 2 years!!! Working my way out of anemia. Only change I have made is dietary- your greens and veggies are amazingly healthful! Thanks so much to you and Orrin. All of your hard work is really appreciated.” - S.L.

“Each week our Mirella Rose Farm CSA box is filled with a bounty of food. It's all fresh, delicious, local and sustainably grown. It's a delight to open our box and see what Tracy, Orrin and Oliver have grown for us. And our visits to the farm have opened our eyes to what's actually involved in getting our food from field to plate.” - QC

I strongly believe one of the top components of health is the food we put in our body. I've chosen to eat organic for many years, and have tried various organic chicken. I recently purchased whole chickens from Mirella Rose Farm. This chicken is honestly by far the best tasting chicken I've ever experienced. Not only was the chicken absolutely delicious, it ended up being cost effective! The chicken itself looked to be so healthy and this reflected in the meat. I would highly recommend Mirella Rose Farm to everyone!!” - J.H.

Mirella Rose story. I became an eager and excited CSA member with these folks; Tracy, Orrin and Oliver...Oliver will introduce you to the animals and show you his bike riding skills; in July of 2013. Every week I have a bin of fresh organic produce delivered to my door and several times a year receive an allotment of fresh organic chicken, pork and/or beef. And oh yeah, I almost forgot, fresh eggs weekly and the occasional allotment of home smoked bacon! I’ve been to the farm many times, in all seasons, and it always feels the same, like home. The gardens are vibrant, the animals are happy, the homesteaders are welcoming and the fire burns brightly against the fresh white snow during winter solstice. I am grateful and blessed to have come across this gem in the hollow! “- Bonnie


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