We began the farm in 2010 with the goal of producing food of the highest quality and environmental integrity and this ethic stands as strong today as it did back then.  

In our gardens and pastures this means practices that support and encourage natural biological processes.  This includes:

     - no-till cultivation in our gardens allow for healthy soil life

     - cover cropping and mulching a high percentage of our garden beds builds soil over the long term

     - nutrient balancing of our soils is helping us grow more 'nutrient dense' and healthier foods

     - we garden using hand tools - no tractor or roto-tillers here - giving our farm a very small carbon footprint

     - holistic management of our grazing areas builds soil life

     - we never use pesticides, fungicides nor chemical fertilizers

For our animals we follow natural systems as closely as possible to support the land as well as the health and well-being of the animals.
     - our ruminants (cattle and sheep) are 100% grass (and hay in non-grazing times) fed.  Most cattle and sheep are fed grain at        some point in their lives which completely changes the nature of their fat.  100% grass fed fat from ruminants is one of the        healthiest foods for us so there is no way that we are going to mess it up by feeding them grain! 
     - our pigs are raised outdoors year-round and given access to pasture or forest during the grazing season.  They are also fed          100% organic grain, milk from our own cows and vegetables from our farm.  The fat from pastured pigs is a wonderful                source of fat in our diets as well as an excellent source of natural vitamin D.
     - our chickens, ducks and turkeys are all pastured during the grazing season giving them access to grasses and legumes as            well as insects.  They are also fed 100% organic grain.  This gives us nice dark orange yolks in the chicken, duck and guinea        eggs and an unparalleled quality of meat and fat in the chickens, turkeys and ducks being raised for meat. 
     - the animals being killed for meat are all killed on farm.  This is a very important aspect for us as it is the most respectful          to the life of the animal and does not subject them to the high levels of stress associated with a trip to a commercial                abbatoir.
     - we never use any antibiotics, growth enhancers, dewormers, etc on the animals so there is no chance of any residues                coming through in the meat or eggs.  We believe that good practices lead to healthy animals and are happy to be living              that reality on the farm.

Our farm is situated on a picturesque 90 acres just a few kilometres inland from Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia.  The property had not been farmed for many decades so we are free from the after-effects of chemical / industrial agriculture.  Being tucked away at the end of a dirt road, we are also isolated from the practices of other farms.  For us it was very much a 'clean slate' and a great place to start the farm.

If you are looking for a source for natural, healthy food then we highly encourage you to come visit the farm and see first hand what we are doing here. 

We are now starting our eighth year of the farm and look forward to the season ahead,

Orrin, Tracy and Oliver Murdoch


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