We keep one sow in order to have our own piglets each spring.  Our current sow, Tree, is 7/8 Berkshire and 1/8 Tamworth and has been bred to a Tamworth boar the past couple of years.  The piglets are born outdoors (in a simple 3 sided shelter) each spring.  We find that they have excellent hardiness and ability to forage for some of their food.  The meat from this cross is of excellent quality with good marbling of fat throughout.

In addition to meat production our pigs are working members of the farm.  They happily tackle the job of beginning to convert forest into rough pasture.

The pigs are fed a diet of forage from the forest and pasture, 100% organic grain, milk from our goats and cows and any leftover produce from the garden and orchard.

We sell weaner piglets each spring for $125 each with your choice of uncastrated boars, gilts (females) or barrows (castrated males).


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