For several years we have been breeding 2 heritage breeds of chickens:

Buff Orpington

I love the plumpness of Buff Orpingtons.  They are a good dual purpose bird that is well suited to our northern climate.  We were fortunate to have an excellent rooster (came from a shipped hatching egg) from Greendale Heritage Farm in BC.  He has added excellent type and colour to our birds.

Black Copper Marans

The Marans have become very popular in the past few years due to their dark chocolate brown eggs.  We find that they are a good solid bird for us in this setting and are pleased with the conformation that we are getting from our breeding program.  We were able to use roosters from Greendale Heritage Farm as well as Bulbs of Fire (from Ontario) which has helped darken the eggs from the local NS birds that started our flock.

We do not sell chicks or adult birds but do sell hatching eggs (including shipping in Eastern Canada) so please contact us if interested.

We also keep a few commercial brown layers at this point.

The chickens are rotated in the pastures behind the cows, sheep and goats.  You would be amazed by how much grass chickens will eat.  They are also fed 100% organic grain as needed.


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