One way that our farm products are available is through a CSA (Community-Supported Agriculture) membership program.  

This year we are offering LOTS of flexibility with the CSA where you can basically customize what you want.  The "menu" for this is below.  

For those that want the simplicity of a preset option we have created the following standard membership:

1 vegetable share (May 1st thru Dec 21st)

12 chickens @ approx 7lbs each

40 lbs of pork

15lbs of lamb

25 lbs of beef

1 dozen eggs per week for 34 weeks

delivery for 34 weeks of vegetables & eggs

Total cost $2400

For those who would like to customize your own membership then you can choose any other combination of meat or egg products plus at least one "vegetable membership".  

For those not looking for vegetables or able to to receive weekly deliveries, we also offer individual sales of meats.  

For 2017 we will have the following products available:

Food Item


Unit Cost of item

Total Cost

Whole Chicken



Note: Average chicken is 7 lbs in size

Whole Duck



Note: Average duck is 5 lbs in size

Misc. Pork cuts



Side of Pork


$/lb (hanging weight)



$ additional for smoking

Note: Ham only available if buying pork by the side



$ additional for smoking

Note: Bacon only available if buying pork by the side

Misc. Beef cuts


$/lb (misc. cuts)

Whole Lamb


$/lb (hanging weight)

Misc. Lamb cuts



1 vegetable (and a small amount of fruits) membership




Note: Based on 34 week CSA from May 1st thru Dec 21st

Storage vegetables (one time delivery/pickup in the fall)



Choose from potatoes, carrots, rutabagas, and squash











A farm membership would entail at least one vegetable share and whatever meats, eggs and storage vegetables that you would like to add.  One benefit of membership is that you are eligible to make monthly payments whereas direct sales require a 25% deposit of the estimated final cost with payment in full required at the time of payment/delivery.

We will begin accepting orders/deposits on March 16th 2017 although we can add you to a waiting list prior to that date.

If you are interested in ordering some food, becoming a member or would like additional information then please email us at or call Tracy or Orrin at 624-0045.


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