Spring is upon us! The change of seasons can be a challenging time, as we adapt to the time change, varying weather conditions and fluctuations in temperature. It can be hard on all aspects of our being - mental, emotional and physical, and often results in colds and flus. Taking time to nourish your being can help prevent illness and keep you grounded, as we go from winter to spring.

This yoga event is a deeply healing and relaxing experience that focuses on one's life force or life energy known as prana. Prana can become imbalanced from overworking, not taking time for oneself, poor nutrition, and not enough exercise. A long-term imbalance can lead to dis-ease in the body, mind and emotions.

Whether you are feeling exhausted or over-stimulated from the demands of daily life, or feeling off because of the change in seasons, this yoga session will help guide your energy back to a state of balance. Students are guided through various restorative poses while I apply hands-on gentle adjustments to help the student ground and balance prana.

You will receive the benefits of Pranassage and restorative yoga in a small group setting, as this class is limited to 4 students per event to maximize the amount of hands-on work per person. 

Facilitated by Tracy Murdoch, a trained Pranassage instructor through Therapeutic Approach Yoga Studio (TAYS) and certified by the Nosara Institute. Tracy is a 500-hr certified yoga teacher through TAYS.

Next available dates:

Sunday April 22, 1:30 - 3pm

Sunday May 6, 1:30 - 3pm

Sunday May 27, 1:30 - 3pm

The cost is $35 per person per event, or $50 per person for two events. Pre-registration is required, and payment is required to confirm your spot. Please email Tracy at tracy@mirellarosefarm.ca to confirm your spot.

***If you have a group of 4 friends that you would like to book a specific time and day for this event, just ask. I’d love to help make this work for you.  ***

These sessions take place at Keystone Health (706 Cornwall Rd, in Blockhouse).


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