2019 Meat Availability (see Farm Products for specific pricing)

Chicken - available summer/fall

We take great care in the rearing of our Mirella Rose chickens.  They are raised in the following way:

- from the time we receive the chicks (cornish cross)as day olds they are offered free choice 100% organic grain

- as soon as they are ready to leave the brooder they are put onto pasture where they have full access to fresh air, green grass and insects 24/7 until the day they are processed

- the butchering is done here on the farm so the chickens are never stressed or subject to mass production

- the birds are guarded by our livestock guard dogs allowing us to offer so much freedom

Quite simply we believe that we are raising these birds in the healthiest environment possible and it shows in the quality and flavour of the meat.

Our target is a carcass in the 6-8lb range but if you prefer smaller or larger please let us know your preference and we will get as close as we can.

Your meat will be ready for pickup in late summer/early fall.  You will be contacted prior to the butcher date to arrange pickup here at the farm.  Delivery may be available at a small cost if you cannot make it out to the farm.

We will be in touch during the growing process to confirm these dates.

Duck - available summer/fall 

Our ducks are raised along with our chickens.  We raise Muscovey ducks for meat.  Our processing involves skinning the ducks as they are very difficult to pluck well.  We have found that while it is unfortunate to lose the skin for eating there is still sufficient fat to make for an excellent carcass.

Pork - available fall/winter 

Our pigs are pastured (or free range in forest areas) as well as fed 100% organic grain, milk from our cow(s) and vegetables from our garden.  Our sow is 7/8 Berkshire and 1/8 Tamworth and this year's piglets are out of a purebred Berkshire boar.  Berkshires have a higher amount of fat on the carcass (including marbling within the meat) which is a valuable quality given the high nutritional value of fat from pastured pigs.  If you buy a side of pork then you also can take the fat trimmings which can be rendered into lard which makes an excellent cooking oil.

We also have organs available for those interested.

Beef - available fall/winter 

Our cattle are 100% grass (and hay) fed and grass finished.  Grass fed and finished (that have never eaten any grain) cattle have an excellent fat profile in terms of the omega 3/6 ratio as well as other factors including CLA( Conjugated Linoleic Acid).  These beneficial factors are lost with ANY feeding of grain.  We raise American Milking Devon cattle (along with crosses with Jersey and Highland).  Milking Devons are a very old breed of cattle that have maintained an ability to produce a good amount of fat on their carcass with a 100% grass diet.

Lamb - available fall/winter 

Our sheep are also 100% grass (and hay) fed and grass finished with the same benefits as in cattle.  We raise Shetland sheep, a smaller heritage breed known for their ability to thrive on 100% pasture/forage.  Spring lambs typically dress out at 25 +/-lbs.

Membership gives you priority access to our full menu of available products (including all of the above meats).

Our vegetable production starts in early spring with greens (and other early vegetables) from our unheated hoophouse and transitions into the main garden as the season continues.  The bulk of the vegetables are produced/available from late summer through late fall.  We do also occasionally have small amounts of fruits (strawberries, raspberries, apples (depending on the year as many of our trees are biennial producers) and rhubarb).

Our eggs are from 100% free ranged chickens, ducks and guineas.


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