Shetland Sheep

Our sheep flock consists consists of purebred (but not registered) Shetlands.

Shetlands are an ancient 'un-improved' breed that are known for their  beautiful wool and hardy constitution.

The sheep are fed a 100% forage diet.  In the summer they are moved daily through the pasture areas and in winter live on 2nd cut hay.  In general, we have been very pleased with the level of self sufficiency shown by the flock - they have never wormed the flock and we rarely need to assist with lambing.  Also, Shetlands are 'seasonal' breeders which means that a ram can live with the flock year round and the ewes always get bred in late October thru November for late March-April lambs.

The ewes are generally very friendly making them wonderful animals to have around the farm.  We sell weaned breeding stock quality lambs for $175 each and sometimes sell older breeding animals as well.  Please contact us in the spring or summer for availability.

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